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Name a star in the Orion constellation. Orion is one of the most impressive of all the constellations.

This package contains a silver-plated pendant engraved with your unique coordinates. You will also receive a signed certificate from Global Star Registry printed with your name and coordinates as well as a star map.

All will be delivered in a nice gift package containing individually designed cards to use for searching of the star.

  • Unique pendant
    Engraved with your star constellation and coordinates
  • Star certificate
  • Star map
  • Star poster
  • Silver pendant
  • Gift package

Some more information about the Orion constellation

The star in "The Star kit - Orion" will be located in the vicinity of Orion's constellation. The pendant in the Orion star Kit is silver-plated.

Orion, also called the Hunter, is visible from October through March in both hemispheres. For most observers Orion is the most impressive constellation in the sky beyond any doubt. With its large number of bright stars and the distinct grouping given by the three belt stars it is easy to find in the winter sky. Observers located at the terrestrial equator can see the constellation marching through the zenith; the belt stars are at a declination of about 0 degrees. Orion\s position is close to the galactic equator. Orion lies close enough to the Milky Way to be interesting enough to be viewed even with low-power telescopes or binoculars.

Orion, the Giant Hunter or Warrior, was a giant so tall that he could wade through any sea. His first marriage ended when the boastfulness of his first wife got her banished to the underworld. He was blinded by a jealous father when he fell in love with a Greek princess, but regained his sight when an oracle told him to look into the sun at dawn. When he saw Aurora, the goddess of dawn, they fell in love. All was well until Orion was stung by a scorpion, he fell sick and died. In order to honor him and to protect himself from his enemy he rises in the east as his enemy Scorpio sets in the west. Orion is never visible at the same time as Scorpio. Orion was used to predict the seasons and a midnight rising of Orion meant that the grapes were ready to harvest, a morning rising meant that summer was beginning, and an evening rising that winter had arrived.

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My sister is a Gemini, and we are super close. I decided to name a star in the Gemini constellation for her birthday, thought it would be something unusual. She was ecstatic, said that now she has her own private little piece of the universe. Thanks Global Star!

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I purchased the Twin Star kit for my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary and they couldn’t have been more pleased. They now share a star in the sky with both of their names on it, what better gift to link them as one eternally?