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Name a star in the Ursa Major constellation, also known as the Great Bear, which can be seen all year.

Receive a silver-plated pendant engraved with your star’s constellation and unique coordinates. Receive a signed certificate from the Global Star Registry confirming the name, date and coordinates and a star map.

Individually designed cards to use for searching of the star are also included.

  • Unique pendant
    Engraved with your star constellation and coordinates
  • Star certificate
  • Star map
  • Star poster
  • Silver pendant
  • Gift package

Some more information about the Ursa Major constellation

The star in "Star kit - Ursa Major" will be located in the vicinity of the constellation Ursa Major better known as the Great Bear.

The Great Bear is a large constellation visible in the Northern hemisphere throughout the year. The most visible part of the Great Bear is to the rear of it. In fact, it is there that The Plough, the most well-known of the constellations, is located. The brightest star in the Great Bear is called Alioth and is part of The Plough.

In Greek mythological tales the God Zeus was known for his romantic adventures with beautiful women. His wife Hera had her hands full keeping the women away and sometimes transformed them into various creatures. One woman, for example, was transformed into a big, lumbering bear. According to the myth it is she who is the constellation Great Bear. But there are many other stories about Great Bear and different ones for different cultures.

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4.5 Rating: 4.5/5 - 271 votes

As a birthday gift, I named a star for my girlfriend of two years and WOW - was she impressed! She said it was the most thoughtful and meaningful gift she had ever received...

The Star Kit, Optional Zodiac

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My sister is a Gemini, and we are super close. I decided to name a star in the Gemini constellation for her birthday, thought it would be something unusual. She was ecstatic, said that now she has her own private little piece of the universe. Thanks Global Star!

The Star Kit, Twin Star

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I purchased the Twin Star kit for my parents for their 30th wedding anniversary and they couldn’t have been more pleased. They now share a star in the sky with both of their names on it, what better gift to link them as one eternally?