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After completion of your order you will receive a personal confirmation and congratulation letter by email that includes your given star name. Print this letter and give to your very special someone tomorrow as a preview of what to come. Estimated shipping time with Priority International Air Mail is 4-7 business days or, if you choose, 1-2 business days with UPS Express.
If for any reason you are unhappy with any or all of the goods received, you can return them for an exchange or refund, provided the return is made within 30 working days from the day you receive the goods. You will be responsible for the cost of returning goods for refund or exchange, except in cases of faulty, damaged or wrongly supplied goods. We recommend that you use registered post or recorded delivery when returning goods. We will make every effort to replace damaged or defective goods, but if replacement is not possible, our only obligation is to refund the full amount paid by you.
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Yes, we do have a quantity discount programme. Each star kit includes its own unique star. If you have a project that you would like us to consider, please contact with the details.
Giving away a star named after someone special to you is a symbolic novelty gift. Global Star Registry offers a service to name real stars. The stars that are named through Global Star Registry is not recognised in an official body though they are recorded in a book, which is registered in the copyright office of the United States of America. Each star name will be filed and registered once only. It is not possible to actually own a stellar object as nobody (or everybody, depending on your way of looking at it) has ownership. A star is essentially a ball of boiling gas trillions of miles away, so ownership is hardly a viable option anyway!
Each star name will be filed and registered in The Global Star Registry once only. The star name will be filed in a Registry Vault and recorded in a book, which is registered in the copyright office of the United States of America.
Stars are huge balls of hot, glowing gases. Our sun is a star. It is just an ordinary star, not the biggest nor the brightest. But the sun is the star that is nearest to our planet Earth. Earth is part of the sun's family of planets, moons, and comets called the Solar System. All of the other stars that we see in the sky are much farther away from Earth.

Long ago people were already naming the brightest stars in the sky and learning where and when to look for them. They also gave names to the constellations, groups of stars that seem to form patterns in the sky. Usually these constellations were named after gods, heroes or animals.
Some stars are gigantic compared to others. When a massive star like this cools and collapses, it turns into something very special. The matter is crushed and compressed by the huge weight of the collapsing gases. Gravity keeps squeezing and squeezing until the star seems to disappear. It has become a black hole. Anything passing too close to a black hole - even light rays - will be pulled into it and never escape again. That is why a black hole is invisible. Scientists, however, are certain that they have located several black holes in the universe.
Of course you can! Please click here for more information.