Unique Christmas Gift Idea: Name a Star

Christmas is a time of beautiful starry nights and magic in the air. It is also the time when we are all looking for unique gift ideas, searching for something different, memorable - and most of all - something that would make those close to us smile, especially our children.

What could be a more memorable gift than a star named for someone special in your life?

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Choose one of our gift packages for someone special in your life! When you order one of our star kits you are buying the perfect gift for all occasions that will be remembered with each glance at the stars. Immortalise your own name or someone else’s among the stars!

Christmas is a special time of the year, good for thinking, reflecting, and understanding that we are all a part of something greater. How is it possible to convey all of this in a gift? It would certainly be difficult to express with just another toy or trivial item.

However, there is something very natural, yet at the same time mysterious and romantic, that we all love: the stars in the sky. One of the most unique gifts you can give someone is a personal, named star. With our help, you can name a star in the Global Star Registry after that special person. In addition to the named star itself, your Christmas gift will include a special Star Kit.

The Star Kit contains a signed certificate confirming the astronomical coordinates of your star and several exciting tools for easily locating that special stellar body, including a sky map with the exact, marked location of your star. The kit also contains a fine pendant, which is carefully engraved with the star's coordinates and the constellation it belongs to. You can choose to receive the pendant as a necklace or a keyring. Combining the pendant with such useful items makes sure that the person who receives your star as a gift always has the means to locate his or her precious gift, wherever they go.

A named star is an especially suitable Christmas gift for that person who already has everything, or for someone who is bound to get too many Christmas gifts this year and would probably appreciate something a little bit more spiritual or romantic. Imagine stepping outside on a starry Christmas night to show a star to that lucky person, and then revealing the star's new registered name. This is a present that outlasts all other presents. It makes the cold, dark nights brighter and brings a little bit more magic to Christmas.

On a final note, the gift of a star would be perfect for that small child who wants something really, really big... Although stars look small, we can assure you, a personalized star is about the largest present someone can get.

Your own star – An original gift for any special occasion

Name a star - it’s a glittering gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day or other special occasions.

You can buy a Name a Star package and present it to friends, relatives or loved ones as a birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, retirement gift, a romantic gift idea, a Valentine’s Day gift, the perfect Christmas gift or many, many other occasions, achievements or events! You can buy and present a star named for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.